Transparency is a priority

rema fertigungstechnik has a very transparent relationship with its customers, partners and employees. As a partner of the industry, we operate value orientated. The focus is on the benefit for our customers, as well as on quality and service. The basis for this is our team.

What we do for you:

  • - Delivery of series components by stock order within 24 hours
  • - On request: Quotations/calculations within one hour from receipt of request
  • - Individual logistics and packaging
  • - Service hotline, on your request
  • - Development of productivity concepts
  • - Pre-production sample for series production orders
  • - Development of project solutions for pricing mechanisms


Our customers come from very different lines of business. Several of our customers are in the industrial sector of automation technology/engineering and the automotive industry. Other customers are in the general sector of engineering and in the roofing industry. rema is in many different products.


This is what makes us unique:

Not only business virtues are important to us, but also personal virtues – e.g. mutual appreciation, dependability and honesty of each employee. Recognition and professional solution of customer problems is equally important as a healthy social atmosphere in the company. The TEMP-method® is a clear strategy of areas of operations.

Common public interest

30 percent of our business profits will be used for the benefit of people in need. To be precise: We train and qualify young people from Rwanda in order to support the sustainable development of this east-African country.


The rema-group undergoes certification regularly, in order to meet its own requirements for transparency and high-class top quality work. The QM-system has been awarded at rema fertigungstechnik GmbH for the complete product line.