"He makes the world a little better" - Future Prize 2019

Managing Director Reiner Rudolphi received the Future Prize for his life's work. But he was not the only one who was happy about the bonus of 1000 Euros.  With the Future Prize, the Future Region Western Palatinate Association, which aims to strengthen the attractiveness and
sustainability of the Western Palatinate, honours a personality for their worthy commitment to the region.

Flexiblity in production increases

14 Dec 2017. With the new NH450 machining center from YCM, rema has expanded its machine park with a powerful and robust horizontal machining center. “This will enable us to further increase our flexibility in production,” says rema’s Managing Director Mathias Uhl.

Real pioneer work

15 Nov 2017. The Beats4Future event in November 2017 was also about education for Africa. Representatives from politics and economy came to Rockenhausen for a podium discussion.

Master with rema support

14 Oct 2017. “Without the support of rema, I would not have been able to become Master”, concludes Pascal Weismann, who recently successfully passed the master exam for precision mechanics. For about a year, the 28-year-old staff member has taken a break to hit the books again at the Master School (Meisterschule) in Kaiserslautern. 

rema invests millions in a new building

14 Sept 2017. In the Rockenhausen industrial area Kreuzwiese, rema invests millions of euros in the construction of a new hall for production, assembly and training. On September 14th, 2017, the start of the shell construction work was initiated with the “groundbreaking ceremony”. By mid 2018, the new building will be ready for operation.

Perfect surfaces and flexible production

28 Aug 2017. We achieve perfect surfaces with our new processing machine Datron neo. The high-speed machine can optimally manufacture front panels and visible parts thanks to the vacuum clamping – for example for the aerospace industry or medical technology.

Beats4Future event 2017

28 Aug 2017. For the second time already, our Beats4Future event takes place. On November 3rd and 4th, a varied and attractive program was offered for all ages.

How to save chips

19 July 2017. In the effort to work as efficiently and environmentally friendly as possible, rema produces as few chips as possible. In further minimizing material and energy consumption, the energy efficiency analysis “EffCheck” significantly helped.

Cutting for Africa’s future

3 April 2017. In September of last year, a new corporate age began for rema: With the arrival of the first three young Rwandans in Rockenhausen, the non-profit and already awarded project of rema fertigungstechnik officially started.

Our core business: series parts

3 April 2017. rema combines service, quality and speed: our production has eight state-of-the-art machining centers to complete projects within the shortest possible time.

Latest rema news


“New Year Reception” in Rockenhausen

28 Jan 2017. Due to the close relationship between rema and Rwanda, the New Year Reception of the “Partnership Association Rhineland-Palatinate & Rwanda” (Verein Partnerschaft Rheinland-Pfalz & Ruanda) took place in Rockenhausen this year.

Visit of representatives of Rwandan ministries strengthens cooperation

13 Dec 2016. High-ranking representatives of various Rwandan ministries as well as the Rwandan ambassador were guests this week. The aim of this reunion, which took place on the initiative of rema, is to sustainably develop the economic cooperation between Rwanda and companies in the region. “Our goal is to build up a production facility with around 100 employees in Rwanda by 2025,” says rema CEO Reiner Rudolphi. In addition to rema and the Chamber of Crafts in Kaiserslautern, further companies were visited: Maas Frästechnik (milling technology), HW Elektrotechnik, W+R Industrievertretung und Minitec.