Guaranteed quality makes the difference

With our state-of-the-art quality assurance we prove that the delivered products meet our own high quality standards. This was already rewarded by the nomination for the international award “Supplier of the Year Schaeffler Group 2005”. Quality assurance was an integral part of our philosophy right from the company founding.

Based on our philosophy, quality assurance has become the company’s most important department today. The customer get 100 percent of what they ordered.

Contact persons

Marius Geib
+49 (6303) 20 835 41
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QA for highest demands

The know-how and the technical equipment of rema’s quality assurance meet the highest requirements. In addition to the hand-operated 3D measuring machine Etalon, the 3D-CNC Zeiss C700 measuring machine completes the quality assurance. The operation of this high-tech instrument requires very special know-how of the operators: Similar to a CNC machining center in the production, a special numerical program needs to be written. Furthermore, we use numerous other state-of-the-art measuring machines (also see “Measuring technology).

Measuring processes: Trouble-free requirement fulfilment

Precise specifications for measuring processes and the selection of random tests are standardized at rema. Any additional special requirements are determined together with the customer and will be implemented trouble-free. Quality assurance also plays an important role in the production of serial parts. Serial products only leave the rema site in Rockenhausen when the initial sample test reports have been issued and the parts are authorized.  

Our Measuring technology


Our measuring technology – accuracy from 0.005 mm

  • 1x3-D coordinate measuring machine CRYSTA -Apex S 776  Mitutoyo / 800 mm maximum height
  • 3x altimeter Micro Hite / Tesa / 350 and 600 mm
  • 1x 3D CNC measuring machine Zeiss C700 / Zeiss / 700x1000x500 mm
  • 1x 3D measuring machine / Etalon / 500x450x350 mm
  • 1x Keyence image-guided measuring system / digital measuring projector
  • 1x conturograph / Mahr / 200x50 mm
  • 1x labeling device (with scoring diamond for hardened parts or for needle embossing) / Unigray / 150x100x150 mm 
  • 1x laser marking Tykma fiber laser / Tykma /
  • 1x demagnetization device