Series parts and standard components

Extensive projects within minimum time
In the area of CNC series production we combine quality and flexibility with fast service. Quotations for production within one day are routine for us, as well as just in time deliveries. Seven modern CNC-machining centres are available for your orders.

Therefore, rema can accomplish extensive projects very quickly. Initial sample test reports for new parts, stock orders for short delivery times and customer service are only three of the different standards of rema. Please send us an enquiry!

Fast service and high quality
With our high-speed Brother machining centres we accomplish a very short processing time and high quality at very attractive prices. rema fertigungstechnik also offers complete solutions, including acquisition of materials, surface treatment (trowalizing, anodising, etc.) and stocking up in cases of call orders.

Machine park - CNC milling machines

  • 2 Brother TC32B | 500x400x400 mm (4 axes and pallet changer)
  • 1 YCM NSV 102A | 500x400x250 mm (4 axes)
  • 1 Datron NEO | High Speed Cutting | 500x400x20 mm (3 axes incl. vacuum clamping & ethanol-cooling)
  • 1 YCM NH 450A | 640x610x680 mm (4 axes incl.  pallet changer  & 30kw spindle power)
  • 1 YCM NH 500A | 800x730x800 mm (32kw spindle power)
  • 1 YCM NXV 1680A | 1.630x762x700 mm (4 axes, 30kw spindle power)

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