Precision parts – long-standing experience

rema fertigungstechnik has long-standing experience in turning and milling work, flat and circular grinding, as well as sink eroding and wire cutting including hardening processes. 3D hard milling (supported by the latest CAD/CAM software EDGE-CAM) is also part of our delivery program. We treat all kinds of materials (e.g. aluminium, red brass, copper, plastic, tool steel and ASP steel) for you with our milling machines. Our standards include surface treatment and special coating such as TIN coating and BALINIT coating, including polishing and brazing, grinding and eroding of hard metals. For many years and numerous customers, especially from the automotive industry and the supplier industry, rema fertigungstechnik is well known as a reliable partner and we are listed as an A supplier.

Our services

  • Different efficient production processes from one source
  • Wear-and-tear parts for production
  • Hardened parts including grinding, wire cutting and sink eroding
  • Different materials and surfaces
  • Hard metal processing including brazing, grinding, sink eroding and wire cutting
  • QA with 3D measuring machines, 100 percent control, including measuring report, on request

contact partners

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Dirk van Riel
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