The timetable for our project "Machining for Rwanda's future"

Project content:

  • Vocational training / apprenticeships to become cutting machine operators for three young Rwandan people in Rockenhausen, Germany



  • 1 August 2016     



  • 2016 intensive language course for the first group of three people for several months
  • 2017 beginning of the apprenticeship as cutting machine operators for the first group, while the second group begins the language course  


Project partners:

  • rema fertigungstechnik gmbH, Rockenhausen
  • vocational training project "Exciting Machining Perspectives" 
  • Ministry of Education Rwanda, „Workforce Development Authority“    



  • After their apprenticeship the young Rwandans will return to their home country and help in the development of the Rwandan industrial sector. 
  • rema is planning to build a small manufacturing company in Rwanda. After their apprenticeships, the trained Rwandans are expected to pass on their knowledge in vocational training in Rwanda. For this purpose, we have a close cooperation with the IPRC South.