More than a vocational examination

With our vocational training project “Exciting Machining Perspectives” we offer you much more than just a completed apprenticeship. In addition to technical knowledge the apprenticeship will also provide you with a virtue system and personality training. This is the best fundament for a successful professional future for our apprentices.

Our virtue system

Already on your first day, you will be a full member of our team and you will soon be responsible for your own projects. An important basis for our teamwork are the virtues developed by the employees themselves. Everybody is part of our responsible company – from apprentice to CEO. Good examples for our virtues are respect, appreciation, sincerity and teamwork.

Future perspectives: Self-employment and advanced training programmes

After your apprenticeship, “Exciting Machining Perspectives” will offer you excellent perspectives: This may also pave the way to self employment. Step by step you will take over responsibility. We will support you in this and assist you with experienced experts in the areas of sales and accounting and other areas. Thus you can become your own boss and profit from your own high performance. A university degree or a master’s certificate is also possible and can be supported by rema.