rema fertigungstechnik gmbh and the Rwandan Ministry of Education agree upon a vocational training initiative

In the project „Machining for Rwanda‘s future“, three young Rwandan people will attend an apprenticeship to become cutting machine operators at the company location in Rockenhausen.

The Rwandan Minister of Education, Albert Nsengyiumva, and Reiner Rudolphi, CEO of rema fertigungstechnik gmbh in Rockenhausen, have signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on Monday, 22 June 2015 on a partnership for vocational training of young Rwandan people in Germany. The signing took place at the Ministry of Economics, Climate Protection, Energy and Regional Planning in the German city Mainz in the presence of minister, Mrs. Eveline Lemke, and the Rwandan ambassadress in Germany, Mrs. Christine Nkulikiyinka. In 2016 rema will begin to train three Rwandan school graduates each year to become cutting machine operators. After one year of intensive language training the Rwandans will begin a regular apprenticeship in accordance with German law.

After their apprenticeship, they shall return to their home country and there they should help to support further development of the local economy. Furthermore, rema is planning to build their own production location in the Rwandan capital Kigali. Reiner Rudolphi said “We will not only train the young Rwandan people in technical skills. We also want them to gain the entrepreneurial spirit of a medium-sized company of 50 employees. In addition, we are planning to build a small production company in Rwanda in a few years” In the presence of the Rwandan delegation the Rwandan Minister of State praised the initiative and said: “rema is the first medium-sized company to have begun such a project and therefore they have an exemplary model function”.

The minister of economics, Mrs. Eveline Lemke, also explicitly praised this initiative of a company from the private industry. “An apprenticeship in a modern company will not only enhance the professional future of these young people, it will also enable them to contribute to the economic progress of their country.” Every year, rema invests 30 percent of its profits in this vocational training project with the intention of a sustainable effect. Mr. Rudolphi explained: “It is our goal to enable the Rwandans within a reasonable time to produce urgently needed spare parts and components by themselves.”

Due to the high population density, the future of further economic development is based on the expansion of the manufacturing industry. Therefore, the foundation of a small manufacturing company in the Rwandan capital of Kigali is an important part of the partnership with Ruanda. The basis for this foundation will be arranged together with the Rwandan Ministries.

rema fertigungstechnik gmbh has approximately 50 employees at the company site in Rockenhausen. The motto is “more than metal” and the business segments are divided into the following areas: CNC aluminium series parts, devices & components and industrial products.