Why our involvement in Rwanda?

 A strategy is better than just a good deed which would help on a short-term basis. There are numerous well-meant aid projects for Africa and especially in Rwanda, but in spite of good intentions, many of them fail due to the lack of sustainability.

Our project is intended to be sustainable: It will take a few years until the positive effects will show. At the same time, it takes endurance. We will bring knowledge and qualifications to Africa. It is our goal to build a small-sized market-oriented business in Rwanda with the support of the Rwandan government.

Despite all the sympathies for some of the tragic situations of the Rwandans, this project requires the efficiency of all participants. Only then this project can have a long-term success. This is also the philosophy of the Rwandan president Kagame: “Sometimes it might be tough to be challenged, but it is worse to be poor, hungry or sick.”